About Us

AchieversKlub is a privately held company incorporated in South Africa and headquartered in Randburg, Gauteng Province. We see our business as an ecosystem of vehicles and initiatives established to promote and leverage the blockchain and cryptoasset revolution for the benefit of masses around the globe.

Our quest begins in 2013 when we fused our talents with our passion for entrepreneurship to pursue what we consider the world's best opportunity yet, the promise of the blockchain and cryptoasset revolution.

Guided by observation and inspired by results, our strategy has evolved from a single focus on network marketing into a more comprehensive offering that incorporates the critical education component as well as a cryptocurrency exchange platform. A dynamic and ambitious organisation, we continuously explore ways that will ensure we do not just usher in the change we seek, but make it work as well.


To do our part in ushering in a paradigm where economic success is defined by success of many. To this end, we will empower through education and enable through economic opportunity. In affectionate terms, we are "Making Change Happen and Making Change Work." for the benefit of the greatest number.


To establish a cryptoasset ecosystem whose socioeconomic impact manifests evidently in key indicators of growth in emerging markets.


> Impact - If it's about many, then it's for many.

> Action - For our possibilities to become our reality, we show up.

> Ubuntu - By enabling others, I am enabling myself.