About AchieversKlub Network

AchieversKlub Network is the entrepreneurship arm of our business. It leverages our knowledge and experience in the cryptocurrency environment and our ever-growing resource base to help existing and aspiring entrepreneurs identify and successfully pursue opportunities in the crypto (digital) asset space.

Value Proposition

Inherent in our mission, our goal is to enable as many people as possible to participate in the new economy and take advantage of the opportunities it presents. To this end, we are building one of the world's most successful networks of digital asset entrepreneurs. We've been at it since 2015 and have been part of thousands of success stories, and counting. In pursuit of this goal, we are on a continuous quest to explore and implement action-oriented initiatives and activities that deliver tangible results for all involved.

What We Offer

Chief among our initiatives is our business building event series. Organised on a regular basis, our events are designed to cater for entrepreneurs across the entire continuum of their journey. From someone that needs basic introduction to blockchain, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency mining and trading to an accomplished cryptocurrency network marketer looking to leverage the network for further growth.

Takeaways include the most current knowledge and insights in the space, lead generation and growth strategies and inspiration from some of the most accomplished local and international entrepreneurs in the industry. Among key milestones in our effort, we have established a fully equipped resource centre in Johannesburg, South Africa from which most of our recurring contact events take place.

  • "Real learning in my journey to financial emancipation began when I discovered AchieversKlub. The knowledge I have acquired has rewarded me with financial freedom and the opportunity to impact others. What a journey it has been. And it's only the beginning. "
    - Thabang Senooane